National Intelligence Exceptional Achievement Medal
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Obverse: A silver color medal 1-7/16 inches (3.65 cm) in height overall consisting of an oval with edges in the manner of a scallop with seven raised sections around the top and sides, all divided by lines of dots and dashes; superimposed by a gold heraldic rose charged with a gold disc bearing a compass rose, around the base a gold olive wreath.

Reverse: On the reverse, above the name table are the words “NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE EXCEPTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT” stacked in four lines and around the base an olive wreath, all silver except for the wreath which is gold.

On a White ribbon 1-3/8 inches wide, in the middle between two 1/4 inch dark blue stripes are three 1/16 stripes alternating, White, Scarlet, White; on either edge of the ribbon is a 1/8 inch Silver Gray stripe with 1/32 inch White and Golden Yellow stripes towards the center.

See Intelligence Community Directive Number 655 (National Intelligence Awards Program).

The seven scallops represent the Big Seven. The dot and dash lines represent communication. The heraldic rose, symbol of secrecy and confidence, refers to “sub rosa” which is Latin for ''under the rose.” It has been a traditional symbol to describe something to be kept secret and not repeated elsewhere. The olive wreath symbolizes dedication and a job well done. The compass rose at the center of the disc or globe represents guidance, leadership and the world-wide mission of the organization.

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