Defense Clandestine Service
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On a Black disc rimmed Red, an American bald eagle Proper, wings displayed and inverted, perched upon a shield blazoned: Argent, six pallets Gules; a chief Azure, thirteen mullets of the first. Below the shield is a laurel and olive wreath Proper. In an arch above the eagle is the inscription “DEFENSE CLANDESTINE SERVICE” and in an arch below the wreath the inscription “DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY” all in Yellow letters.

The eagle and shield are prominent symbols of the Department of Defense. The perch and sharp eye of the eagle denote the Defense Clandestine Service’s ability to plan, coordinate and execute worldwide missions. Here the eagle looks to his left side, illustrating the Service’s competence to meet national level defense intelligence requirements. The wings slightly cloak the shield, alluding to clandestine and overt operations. The laurel and olive wreath honors the teamwork among Defense Intelligence Agency clandestine service members, in concert with the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Combatant Commands. The black disc underscores the worldwide clandestine operations of the Service.

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