Balkans National Support Element
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On an oval shaped Dark Blue designation band within a narrow Yellow border the words “NATIONAL SUPPORT ELEMENT” arched below and “BALKANS” arched above in White letters. On a White background within the oval a shield blazoned: Celeste a sun with eleven rays emanating from sinister chief Or, in fess a series of three mounts the center rise higher than the others Vert snow capped Proper, surmounted by an embattled Gules bordured Buff (Copper) and issuant from base three wavys the center Sable and the flanks of the first all bordured of the seventh. Beneath the shield a Light Blue tri-parted motto scroll turned and edged Yellow with the inscription “FACTA NON VERBA” translated “DEEDS NOT WORDS” in White letters.


From a wreath of the colors Or and Celeste within two olive branches a torch fired Proper.



The shield shape recalls a style utilized in the early 1100’s throughout the region. The blue background in chief is a NATO blue and signifies peace; the yellow sun serves as a symbol of goodwill and describes U.S. combined forces effort in support of the Balkan countries here represented by the eleven sun rays. The green mountains indicate the name “Balkans” which is a Turkish word for chain of wooded mountains. The red embattlement represents the ancient defense against the Ottoman Empire and the many fortifications and castles in the region. The three waves in point depict the surrounding seas: the Adriatic, Aegean and Black. The copper borders show a prominent mineral found in the area.


The olive branches represent the military and also symbolize victory; the lit torch describes the eternal flame and serves as a reminder of the United States’ commitment to a common peaceful goal.

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