Cyber National Mission Force
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On a gold border within a narrow yellow ring, a dark blue designation band inscribed “UNITED STATES CYBER COMMAND” in smaller yellow capital letters arched below and “CYBER NATIONAL MISSION FORCE” in larger white capital letters arched above. The inner disk has a background of blended blues, bottom to top, from dark blue to sky blue. Supporting a shield is a global projection map of black land masses overlaid by a light blue longitude and latitude gridlined pattern. The shield is blazoned: Argent triparted two and one in the first crossed swords, the second a lightning flash bendwise sinister and in point a key fesswise ward to dexter, Sable, on a chief of the last three escutcheons Or.

The seal combines blue and gold to represent the command. Blue, the color of intellect and loyalty, symbolizes the linkage in cyberspace between the physical and the cognitive realms as well as the loyalty of the command to the nation and the sacred principles and liberties upon which it was founded. The disk is trimmed in gold to represent the illumination of the cyberspace domain. The interior background further emphasizes this with the color gradation. The global projection map promotes the global nature of the mission. The shield is white to reflect the search for clarity and truth. The two swords on the shield represent the dual nature of the command to defend the nation and, if necessary, engage its enemies through the cyber domain. The lightning bolt symbolizes speed of operations and the computer systems that undergird the electronic grids, power plants and other infrastructure deemed critical to National and economic security within the cyber domain. The key on the shield illustrates the dual nature of the command to secure our country‘s information in the cyber domain while also unlocking the secrets of those who would seek to do us harm. The three escutcheons which represent the three forces that make up the command are in yellow to symbolize the critical mission of the Cyber National Mission Force to Cyber Command and the synchronized operations of the teams.

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