United States Cyber Command
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The United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) seal represents both the past – honoring its foundational organizations: Joint Functional Component Command – Network Warfare (JFCC-NW) and Joint Task Force – Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO) – and the future -- recognizing the new and unique nature of the command’s imperative to integrate, synchronize and conduct full spectrum military cyberspace operations.

The seal combines blue and gold to represent the command. Blue, the color of intellect and loyalty, symbolizes the linkage in cyberspace between the physical and the cognitive realms as well as the loyalty of the command to the nation and the sacred principles and liberties upon which it was founded. The disk is trimmed in gold to represent the illumination of the cyberspace domain. Inlaid around the disk is USCYBERCOM in gold with four golden stars on each side. These stars represent the rank of the USCYBERCOM Commander and recognize the critical importance of this command to ensuring the cybersecurity of the Nation’s military information networks. Within the blue disk is a golden circle laid with MD5 hash that ties the command back to the early days of computer networking; USCYBERCOM’s mission statement is encrypted within this code.

Inside the circle is a dark background traversed by golden threads representing the logical layers of cyberspace, where our critical data resides and transits. This dark background depicts the chaotic nature of cyberspace where knowledge often remains obscure. The golden threads connote the ability of cyberspace to illuminate the darkness and bring knowledge to light. The digital globe rests upon the cyber threads representing our network infrastructure and depicting the universal connectivity of the cyber domain.

A perched eagle preparing for flight sits atop the digital globe, his wings digitized showing he exists in both the physical and cyber realms. The eagle, our national symbol, is revered for the keen eyesight that allows it to pierce the darkness and remain vigilant to protect us. The USCYBERCOM shield, upon which the eagle is perched, protects and defends the eagle as the Command will protect and defend the military’s information networks. The shield is divided into four parts: the top is trimmed in gold to represent the precious investment of the nation in the personnel and capabilities that enable USCYBERCOM to carry out its mission. The two swords on the shield represent the dual nature of the command to defend the nation and, if necessary, engage our enemies through the cyber domain. The lightning bolt symbolizes the speed of operations within the cyber domain. The key on the shield illustrates the dual nature of the Command to secure our nation‘s information in the cyber domain while also unlocking the secrets of those who would seek to do us harm.

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