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Distinctive Unit Insignia

Distinctive Unit Insignia

A gold color metal and enamel circular device 1 1/16 inches 2.70 cm) in diameter overall consisting of a white disc bearing throughout a red diagonal from upper left to lower right and with a gold lion rampant superimposed overall, all within a black heraldic garter with gold buckle in base and inscribed at top “NON NOBIS SOLUM” in gold letters.

The bend is taken from the arms of Lorraine and the gold lion from the arms of Picardy. The present Ordnance colors are crimson piped with yellow. The former Ordnance colors were red and black. The garter is taken from the well-known device used in the Ordnance Department as a seal for a number of years. The motto translates to “Not For Ourselves Alone.”

The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved for the 1st Ordnance Company on 27 December 1928. It was redesignated for the 1st Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company and amended to revise the description on 21 April 1949. The insignia was redesignated for the 1st Ordnance Company on 18 December 1953. It was redesignated for the 1st Maintenance Company on 15 February 1973.

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