Army Reserve Ambassador
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Army Reserve Ambassador Flag


Centered on a white flag with yellow fringe, the emblem of the United States Army Reserve Ambassador consisting of an American bald eagle in proper colors with wings displayed, encircled by two yellow olive branches. Centered above the eagle and between the displayed wings are two white five-pointed stars. The background of the emblem is blue. On a blue designation band encircling the emblem is the inscription “UNITED STATES ARMY RESERVE” at top and “AMBASSADOR” at bottom in yellow with an inner and outer border in yellow.


The white background signifies purity and sincerity of purpose. The American Bald Eagle is the official symbol of the United States and its display with outstretched wings further symbolize the far reaching effect of the U.S. Army Reserve Ambassador Program. The two branches of olive in gold signify the power and accomplishment of peace. Gold is symbolic of nobleness, goodwill, vigor, honor, and excellence and dark blue signifies loyalty and truthfulness.


The flag design was approved by HQDA, G-1 on 12 March 2009.

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