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Airborne Tabs


The Airborne Tab is authorized in three colors to coordinate with the colors used in shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI). The tab is authorized and worn as an integral part of the shoulder sleeve insignia, only when the Department of the Army has designated an entire organization, which is authorized its own SSI, as airborne. The tab is worn immediately above and touching the SSI. The tabs are 2 1/2 inches (6.35 cm) in length and 11/16 inch (1.75 cm) in width. The letters are 5/16 inch (.79 cm) in height.

Blue and White Tab: TIOH Dwg. No. A-1-226

Black and Yellow Tab: TIOH Dwg. No. A-1-230

Black and Red Tab: TIOH Dwg. No. A-1-772

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