Distinguishing Flags for Organizations and Organizational Colors
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Regiments and Separate TOE Battalions

Organizational colors are a solid color background in the primary branch color with an embroidered American eagle displayed centered thereon. In its right talon the eagle holds an olive branch; in its left talon, a bundle of 13 arrows, all in proper colors. Its beak grasps a white scroll inscribed with the unit motto. Below the eagle is a white scroll inscribed with the designation of the organization. On the eagle’s breast is embroidered the shield of the coat of arms and the crest is above the eagle’s head. For those organizations with an approved badge in lieu of a coat of arms, the eagle’s breast is feathered and the badge is located above the eagle’s head. The fringe and outline of the scrolls are in the secondary branch color. Letters and numbers appearing on the colors are in the primary branch colors.

Each regiment and separate TOE battalion, if the unit has wartime service, is authorized a coat of arms consisting of shield, crest, and motto. Regular Army units without wartime service are authorized a coat of arms without the crest.

The design of the coat of arms is based on the history, honors, and mission of each particular regiment or separate battalion of the Active Army, Army National Guard, or US Army Reserve. The crest for color-bearing organizations of the Active Army also reflects the history and honors of each regiment or separate battalion.

All Army National Guard units allotted to a State will use the crest approved for that State. On the color of separate battalions, the crest of the state to which the battalion headquarters is allotted will be displayed on the color. For regiments, the crest of each state that is allotted a battalion of the regiment will be displayed above the eagle’s head, from dexter to sinister, in the order of admission of each state into the union.

All color-bearing organizations of the Army Reserve use the Lexington Minuteman crest above the eagle’s head.

The design of the coat of arms is subject to approval by The Institute of Heraldry. Coats of arms, mottos, and crests to the coats of arms previously approved and/or reassigned continue in effect. Changes will not be made to approved coat of arms, motto or crest unless an error exists in the design.

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