Distinguishing Flags for Organizations and Organizational Colors
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Commands and Forces established by HQDA

a. Organizations authorized distinguishing flags with designs described in this paragraph include--

(1) Army National Guard (ARNG) Elements of Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ).

(2) Other organizations authorized a shoulder sleeve insignia by AR 670-1 whose distinguishing flags are not otherwise specified in this regulation.

b. The distinguishing flag for ARNG Elements of JFHQ is dark blue. The distinguishing flag of organizations listed in paragraph a(2) will be in the colors of their branch orientation or if non-branch oriented will be national flag blue color trimmed on three sides with yellow fringe. The applicable shoulder sleeve insignia in proper colors, 15 inches high, is centered on the flag. White piping is used if the edge of the shoulder sleeve insignia is other than white or yellow to ensure contrast between the flag background and the insignia.

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