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United States Army Field Flag

United States Army Field Flag


An ultramarine blue flag 3-foot hoist by 4-foot fly, trimmed on three sides with yellow fringe 2 1/2 inches wide. The device of the Department of the Army seal in white (without the Roman numerals) is centered. A white scroll inscribed “UNITED STATES ARMY” in scarlet is centered beneath the seal with the Arabic numerals “1775” below in white.


The flag design was approved by the Under Secretary of the Army on 12 April 1962.


The following Army headquarters, activities and installations not authorized the United States Army Flag are authorized the Army Field Flag:

(1) Separate TOE Brigades to include Division (Forward).

(2) Numbered TOE Commands, commanded by a General Officer.

(3) General Officer Commands, USAR, not otherwise authorized the U.S. Army Flag.

(4) Headquarters, U.S. Army Garrisons.

(5) Military Assistance Advisory Groups.

(6) Missions.

(7) Agencies, activities and installations when commanded by a General Officer or Colonel (where no element is authorized the U.S. Army Flag or a distinguishing flag).

(8) Army element of a joint organization when commanded by a General Officer or Colonel (provided this element has not previously been authorized the U.S. Army Flag).

(9) Recruiting Main Stations.

(10) U.S. Army Reserve Centers.

(11) U.S. Army ROTC Region Headquarters.

(12) Senior ROTC units of universities and colleges in lieu of the U.S. Army Flag with streamers.


The display of the Army Field Flag is encouraged on all appropriate occasions. It may be used for ceremonies by flag-bearing units not in receipt of their permanent colors at the time of activation. Provisional units, comparable to flag-bearing units, may also use the Army Field Flag for ceremonies, but may not retain or display the flag permanently. No streamers are displayed on this flag.

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