Qualification Badges
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Astronaut Badge

Army Astronaut
Senior Army Astronaut
Master Army Astronaut

A gold colored stylized shooting star with three contrails enfiling an elyse saltirewise. The device is placed on the appropriate existing aviation badges.

The badge design is the same as that for Army Aviation (aviator, flight surgeon, crewmember, etc.) with the shooting star and elliptical orbit superimposed over the shield. The shooting star passing through the elliptical orbit implies space and the astronautís theatre of operations.

Award Eligibility
See Army Regulation 600-8-22, Military Awards.

Date Approved
The Army Astronaut Device was approved on 17 May 1983.

Subdued Badges
Subdued metal badges are authorized in flat black metal finishes with the astronaut device in flat brown metal finishes.

Miniature Badges
Miniature and dress miniature badges are authorized for each of the astronaut badges.

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