Department of the Army Civilian Service Decorations
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Secretary of the Army Medal for Valor


Medal: A gold color metal disc 1 3/8 inches (3.49 cm) in diameter charged with a faceted star of five points surmounting a laurel wreath with the word “VALOR” inscribed above. The reverse of the medal is inscribed with a small laurel wreath supporting a rectangular name plate with the words “AWARDED TO” above and “FOR EXHIBITING BRAVERY” below.

Ribbon: The medal is suspended from a ribbon 1 3/8 inches in width consisting of the following stripes: 7/16'' Old Glory Red, 3/64” Ultramarine Blue, 3/64” White, 3/64” Ultramarine Blue, 3/64” White, 1/8” Ultramarine Blue, 3/64” White, 3/64” Ultramarine Blue, 3/64” White, 3/64” Ultramarine Blue, 7/16” Old Glory Red.


Medal: The star represents the United States of America and the love of the country which inspires in its citizens and soldiers individual acts of valor to protect it. The five points of the star represent courage, unselfishness, risk, challenge and boldness. The facts of the star signify the many forms these acts of valor may take. The laurel wreath is traditionally associated with honor and achievement.

Ribbon: Old Glory Red represents the Army and the qualities of outstanding valor and sacrifice recognized by the conferring of the award. White signifies high ideals, blue denotes integrity and patriotism. Together, the three colors recall the national flag and pay tribute to the United States.

Eligibility and Criteria

See Army Regulation 672-20, Incentive Awards.


The award was established to acknowledge civilian employees and private citizens who perform an act of heroism or sacrifice, with voluntary risk of personal safety in the face of danger either on or off the job. It was approved on 15 April 2002. This award consists of a gold medal, lapel button and certificate.

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