Department of the Army Public Service Decorations
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Public Service Commendation Medal


Medal: A bronze disc 1 3/8 inches (3.49 cm) in height and 1 1/4 inches (3.18 cm) in width bearing an equilateral triangle which symbolizes civilians. Displayed on the triangle is the eagle from the Great Seal of the United States, which symbolizes Federal Service. The reverse of the medal is inscribed ''FOR COMMENDABLE PUBLIC SERVICE TO THE UNITED STATES ARMY.''

Ribbon: The medal is suspended from a ribbon 1 3/8 inches in width consisting of the following stripes: 1/16'' White, 1/8'' Myrtle Green, 5/16'' White, 1/32'' Myrtle Green, 5/16'' White, 1/32'' Myrtle Green, 5/16'' White, 1/8'' Myrtle Green, 1/16'' White.

Eligibility and Criteria
See Army Regulation 672-20, Incentive Awards.


The medal was proposed by the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel in November 1982 and approved by the Assistant Secretary of the Army as the Commanderís Award for Public Service on 14 June 1983. In November 2014, the Secretary of the Army approved a modification to the Department of the Army Public Service Medals in order to make their nomenclature more consistent with their military equivalents. At that time the award was renamed the Public Service Commendation Medal and the inscription on the reverse was changed accordingly. This award consists of a regular size medal, miniature size medal, service ribbon, lapel button and certificate.

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