Foreign Military Decorations, Campaign, and Service Medals
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Kuwait Liberation Medal (Govt. of Kuwait)


A Bronze medal with enamel, 1 9/16 inches in diameter suspended from a bar by a wreath. The obverse bears the Coat of Arms of the State of Kuwait. The Coat of Arms consists of the shield of the flag design in color superimposed on a falcon with wings displayed. The falcon supports a disk containing a sailing ship with the full name of the State written at the top of the disk. At the top of the medal is the inscription ''1991 LIBERATION MEDAL'' in Arabic letters. The reverse side is the map of Kuwait on a rayed background.


The ribbon is the pattern of the flag of the State of Kuwait and consists of three equal stripes 29/64 inch each of the following colors: Old Glory Red 67156; White 67101; and Irish Green 67189. A black trapezium is at the top of the ribbon drape and service ribbon.

See Army Regulation 600-8-22, Military Awards.


The following are authorized components:

a. Medal (regular size): Initial issue and replacement items available commercially.

b. Medal (miniature size): Available commercially only.

c. Service Ribbon: Available commercially.


The Government of Kuwait offered the Kuwait Liberation Medal to members of the Armed Forces of the United States by letter dated 16 July 1994. The medal was accepted by Secretary of Defense William J. Perry per memorandum dated 16 March 1995.

A nation of seafarers and ship builders, Kuwait chose as their coat of arms, the traditional dhow. Falconry is the sport of Kings in the Persian Gulf, and the falcon in the arms is seen as a symbol of Kuwaiti prowess. The official symbolism of the colors is black symbolizes battlefields, white is for deeds, green is for the meadows, and red is for the blood of Kuwait enemies.

The wear of foreign service medals is prescribed in Army Regulation 670-1. The Kuwait Liberation Medal from the Government of Kuwait will be worn immediately following the Kuwait Liberation Medal from the Government of Saudia Arabia.

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