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Medal for Humane Action


Medal: The Bronze medal is 1 inches in diameter. The miniature medal is 5/8 inch in diameter. On the obverse, in the center, a C-54 airplane (as viewed from above) within a wreath of wheat connected at the bottom by a coat of arms. On the reverse, an eagle, shield and arrows from the seal of the Department of Defense, beneath the words ''FOR HUMANE ACTION'' and above the inscription in four lines, ''TO SUPPLY NECESSITIES OF LIFE TO THE PEOPLE OF BERLIN GERMANY''.


The ribbon to the Medal for Humane Action is 1 3/8 inches in width and consists of the following stripes: 9/32 inch black; 1/16 inch white; 9/32 inch teal blue; 3/64 inch white; 1/32 inch scarlet; 3/64 inch white; 9/32 inch teal blue; 1/16 inch white; and 9/32 inch black.

See Army Regulation 600-8-22, Military Awards.


The following are authorized components:

a. Medal (regular and miniature sizes): MIL-DTL-3943/232.

b. Ribbon (regular and miniature sizes): MIL-DTL-11589/85E


The Medal for Humane Action was established by an Act of Congress (Public Law 178, 81st Congress), 20 July 1949.

The medal was designed by Mr. Thomas Hudson Jones of The Institute of Heraldry.

The C-54 is the type of aircraft used in support of the Berlin airlift, and the coat of arms is that of the City of Berlin. The wreath of wheat represents the staff of life and thereby the necessities of life alluded to on the reverse of the medal.

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