Campaign and Service Medals
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Army of Cuban Pacification Medal



The Bronze medal is 1 inches in width. It is oxidized, relieved and has a matte finish. On the obverse is the Coat of Arms of the Cuban Republic resting on fasces surmounted by the Cap of Liberty bearing a single star, branch of oak and laurel below, on each side a soldier in the service uniform of the United States Army, with rifle at parade rest. Above, in two lines, the words ''CUBAN PACIFICATION'' appear with the dates ''1906 - 1909'' below. The reverse consists of, a spread eagle on a trophy consisting of a cannon, six rifles and four standards, and Indian shield, quiver of arrows and three spears, a Cuban machete and Sulu kris. Below the trophy are the words ''FOR SERVICE''. The whole is surrounded by a circle composed of the words ''UNITED STATES ARMY'' in the upper half and thirteen stars in the lower half.


The ribbon is 1 3/8 inches in width. It is composed of the following vertical stripes: 1/8 inch Old Glory Red 67156; 1/8 inch White 67101; 1/8 inch Ultramarine Blue 67118; 5/8 inch Olive Drab 67133; 1/8 inch Ultramarine Blue; 1/8 inch White; and 1/8 inch Old Glory Red.


See Army Regulation 600-8-22, Military Awards.


Medal (regular size) - MIL-DTL-3943/187.

Army Ribbon - MIL-DTL-11589/42.


The medal was authorized by the President in General Orders 96, dated 11 May 1909, and was made at the Philadelphia Mint.

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