Campaign and Service Medals
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Spanish War Service Medal



The Bronze medallion is 1 3/8 inches in width. On the obverse is a Roman sword hanging on a tablet and is inscribed ''FOR SERVICE IN THE SPANISH WAR''. It is surrounded by a wreath, and the sword is sheathed to indicate National Guard Service in the Continental United States, not in combat. The reverse has the coat of arms of the United States over a scroll inscribed ''FOR SERVICE'' surrounded by a wreath with the insignia of the Infantry at left, Artillery at the bottom and Cavalry at right.


The ribbon is 1 3/8 inches in width. It is composed of the following vertical stripes: 3/32 inch Emerald 67128; inch Golden Yellow 67104; 5/8 inch Emerald; 1/4 inch Golden Yellow; and 3/32 inch Emerald.

See Army Regulation 600-8-22, Military Awards.


Army Ribbon: MIL-DTL-11589/139E.


The medal was established by an act of Congress on 9 July 1918 (40 Stat. 873). The obverse was designed by COL J.R. M. Taylor; the reverse was designed by Bailey, Banks and Biddle.


The form of the tablet resembles the one employed for the discharge certificates of Roman legionaries. These bronze or lead certificates were nailed up in the house of the recipients.

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