Campaign and Service Medals
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Spanish Campaign Medal (Army)



The Bronze medallion is 1 ¼ inches in diameter. It is oxidized, relieved and has a matte finish.


On the center is a castle with two small round towers at the corners. At the top around the outside edge of the medal is the inscription ''WAR WITH SPAIN''. At the bottom is the date ''1898'', to the left of the date is a branch of tobacco plant, and to the right, a stalk of sugar cane.


A spread eagle on a trophy consisting of a cannon, six rifles and four standards, an Indian shield, quiver of arrows and three spears, a Cuban machete and a Sulu kris. Below the trophy are the words ''FOR SERVICE''. The whole is surrounded by a circle composed of the words ''UNITED STATES ARMY'' in the upper half and thirteen stars in the lower half.


The ribbon is 1 3/8 inches in width. It is composed of the following vertical stripes: 1/8 inch Star Yellow 67145; 3/8 inch Ultramarine Blue 67118; 3/8 inch Star Yellow; 3/8 inch Ultramarine Blue; and 1/8 inch Star yellow. The ribbon’s previous design had a wide stripe of yellow in the center; on each side, a stripe of red bordered by a narrow stripe of blue. This was discarded in 1913.

Streamer - The ribbon is 2 3/4 inches in width. It is composed of the following horizontal stripes: 1/4 inch Star Yellow 67145; 3/4 inch Ultramarine Blue 67118; 3/4 inch Star yellow; 3/4 inch Ultramarine Blue; and 1/4 inch Star Yellow.


See Army Regulation 600-8-22, Military Awards.

It was awarded by Congress to officers and enlisted personnel of the United States Army who served ashore on the island of Cuba between 11 May 1898 and 17 July 1898; in the island of Puerto Rico between 24 July 1898 and 13 August 1898; in the Philippine Islands between 30 June 1898 and 16 August 1898; or en route thereto on the high seas, during 1898.


Army Medal: MIL-DTL-3943/197.

Army Ribbon: MIL-DTL-11589/138E.

Streamer: MIL-DTL-11589/138E.


a. The medal was designed by Mr. Francis D. Millet and was authorized by Congress on 12 January 1905 and announced in War Department General Orders 5.

b. Organizations that received campaign participation credit for the Spanish American War may display the streamer on their organizational flag. The inscription will be as indicated on the organization's lineage and honors. The three designated campaigns during the Spanish-American War are displayed as streamers on the Army Flag. The inscriptions for the streamers displayed on the Army Flag are listed in AR 840-10 and AR 600-8-22.


The castle with two small round towers at the corners, is said to be a modification of the castle that appears on the Royal Arms of Spain, the round towers possibly referring to the two Morro Castles, at Havana and Santiago de Cuba.

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