USCG Office of Maritime Security Response Policy
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Per fess Celeste and Vert, a wavy Argent charged with two wavelets Azure and of the first, surmounted by a shield blazoned as follows: Per chevron embattled trident at top Gules and Argent, in base a chevron Celeste; a bordure of Silver Gray. Overall around the bottom of the shield is a White scroll doubled Blue and inscribed "SEMPER VIGILANS" in Red letters. All within a Silver chain link border and Dark Blue designation band edged Silver and inscribed "OFFICE OF MARITIME SECURITY RESPONSE POLICY, U.S. COAST GUARD" in White letters.


The blue sky, wavy lines, and green field reflect elements within the Department of Homeland Security seal and denote the role of the United States Coast Guard as the executive agent for maritime security. The multiple waves represent the Coast Guard's layered approach to security across its maritime jurisdictional areas. The green field embodies the office's responsibilities for the protection of American shores and critical infrastructure against hostile or illegal acts.

The colors of the shield are those associated with the distinctive Service mark or "Racing Stripe," borne by United States Coast Guard cutters, aircraft and boats that perform maritime security operations. The embattled chevron symbolizes security of the homeland. King Neptune's trident rises ahead of the chevron, denoting the United States Coast Guard's maritime authority and underscoring the mission of the Office of Maritime Security Response Policy. The trident also honors Operation Neptune Shield, a seven-year, post-September 11th operation for maritime security which became the genesis of the Coast Guard's maritime security operations program. The light blue chevron represents the internal waterways that are kept secure by the United States Coast Guard's protection.

The Latin motto, "SEMPER VIGILANS," translates to "ALWAYS VIGILANT." The inner chain link border alludes to armor and defense, and the outer silver border honors and encloses the seal in remembrance of the reason the Office of Maritime Security Response Policy was established.

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