USS Cormorant (MHC 57)
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Coat of Arms



Azure (Dark Blue) fimbriated Gules, two tridents saltirewise Or between in chief a mullet of the last and in base two barrulets wavy Celeste over Azure, overall a horned contact mine Proper charged with an anchor palewise Or.


On a wreath of the colors Or and Azure (Dark Blue) a cormorant close Proper.


On a scroll Gules doubled and inscribed "THE ONE TO FOLLOW" Or.


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color upon a white oval enclosed within a dark blue collar edged on the outside with gold rope and bearing the inscription "USS CORMORANT" at top and "MHC 57" in base, all in gold.



Dark blue and gold represent the U.S. Navy. The mission of mine-hunting is symbolized by the mine; the tridents represent the previous two Cormorants (AM-40) and (AMS-122). The World War II battle service of AM-40 included towing duties at Guantanamo Bay and between England and France in preparation for the invasion of Normandy. These are recalled by the anchor, referring to the fleet waiting to cross the English Channel. The star recalls the battle star AM-40 received for World War II service. In base the light and dark blue waves denote CORMORANT's capabilities of operation in coastal and deeper waters. The border represents containment of the threat of mines and underwater hazards to shipping. Red conveys courage and sacrifice; gold signifies excellence.


The cormorant, namesake of the ship, known for skill in pursuit of its quarry even at great depths, emphasizes the hunting capabilities of MHC 57 and its suitability for its field of operations. Its stance and attitude denote alertness and readiness.

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