USS Washburn (AKA 108)
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Coat of Arms


Centered on a red shield within a narrow silver border a white cargo hook containing a white four-pointed star, the points counterchanged, above the shield and flanked by two silver anchors a blue globe with white grid lines encircled horizontally by a white scroll of two parts inscribed with the words "USS" above "WASHBURN" in red. Below the shield a white scroll with red backing inscribed with the motto "VOCA IMPEDIMENTA" in blue letters.


The contour of the shield suggests the characteristic lines of a cargo ship; the hook alludes to the basic function of this type of ship, and the star is a polar star, its four points representing the cardinal points of the mariner's compass. The red background of the shield refers to the heavy attack equipment of the landing force, signifying the ship's membership in an aggressive assault team. The blue globe above suggests the seas of the world and refers to the long cruising range of the ship, while the anchors are a traditional maritime symbol representing naval seamanship.

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