UISS Wadsworth (FFG 9)
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Coat of Arms



Per fess wavy Or and Azure on a pile Gules three seagulls volant Argent, wings tipped Sable.


On a wreath of the colors Or and Azure on the waves of the sea, the frigate USS CONSTITUTION in full sail Proper.


On a Navy Blue scroll lined Gold, the words "FOR ONE'S COUNTRY" inscribed in Gold letters.


The complete coat of arms as blazoned in full color upon a white field enclosed by a blue oblong border arched at top and base with an outer edge formed of gold continuous rope and inscribed "USS WADSWORTH" at top and "FFG-9" in base, all in gold.



Blue and gold area the colors traditionally associated with the U.S. Navy, and red is the color that represents action and courage. The pile alludes to the prow of a ship and, together with the seagulls and the blue wavy area for water, is indicative of the vast waterways and oceans within the scope and defense of the modern frigate. Numerically, the seagulls are also symbolic of the fact that three naval vessels have borne the name "WADSWORTH."


The name "Wadsworth" has been immortalized in American naval history and is commemorated in the crest by a representation of the USS CONSTITUTION. This relates to an incident that occurred during the War of 1812 when Commodore Alexander Scammel Wadsworth (then a second lieutenant aboard the CONSITUTION), during an evasion of the British fleet, engaged the British warship "Guerriere." For this action, he received a silver medal for heroism and the thanks of Congress. This victory was of great importance to the Americans for it gave them confidence and dispelled the idea of the absolute omnipotence of the British Navy that prevailed on both sides of the Atlantic.

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