USS Yellowstone (AD 41)
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Coat of Arms



Gules, two pallets Argent and overall a pall Or; a chief engrailed and per fess engrailed Azure and of the second.


On a wreath of the colors Or and Azure a sea horse Argent grasping a trident bend-sinisterwise consisting of a staff Sable with head and prongs of the first.


On a scroll Azure doubled Or, the words "PRIDE IN PERFORMANCE" in Gold letters.


The complete coat of arms as blazoned in full color upon a white field enclosed by a dark blue oblong border arched at top and base, the outer edges formed by gold continuous rope, and inscribed "USS YELLOWSTONE" at top and "AD-41" in base, all in gold letters and numerals.



The USS YELLOWSTONE, a destroyer tender, inherits the name and traditions of two former ships. They earned the sobriquet "Old Faithful" for their long and dedicated service to the fleet. The geyser containment, a Y-shaped heraldic charge called a pall, is symbolic of support. The color red is for heat and energy. The vertical bands and the scalloped white and blue cloud forms are indicative of the upward surge of steam and water, an allusion to the famous geyser "Old Faithful."


The sea horse is symbolic of the basic mission of the destroyer tender, the furnishing of supplies and services to the fleet. The trident is symbolic of naval power and authority. The head of the trident suggests the letter "E," the coveted battle efficiency "E," which the second USS YELLOWSTONE earned ten times.

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