USS Somerset (LPD 25)
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Coat of Arms



Within a bordure Azure charged with forty mullets Argent, a sky Proper arrayed with nine piles meeting in nombril Celeste, issuant from base a horizon embowed to chief Vert, charged with three piles emanating from nombril arrayed to base Light Green issuing from the horizon a row of maple trees Proper, and in flight above a bald eagle contourné Proper.


Issuing from a torse Argent and Azure behind a corn stalk to dexter and olive branch to sinister Vert, a Black keystone framed image of the frigate USS United States in full sail Proper.


To dexter a Navy officer sword and enlisted cutlass; in sinister a Marine officer sword and noncommissioned officer sword saltirewise.


A Scarlet scroll triparted and inscribed "VIRTUS PER ADVERSA" in White letters translated "COURAGE THROUGH ADVERSITY."


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color upon a white oval enclosed by a dark blue collar edged on the outside with a gold anchor chain and bearing the inscription "USS SOMERSET" at top and "LPD 25" in base all in gold.



The shield shape is taken from the shield on the Somerset County seal; the background is sky blue horizoned by an embowed green landscape in lower base. The upper area is charged with nine light blue piles and the lower area has three piles in lighter green, signifying Flight 93. The five trees represent the present day honored National Park Memorial site which is ringed by trees and signify that this is the fifth ship to bear the name SOMERSET. Around the edge of the shield on a blue border are forty white stars, one for each of the forty passengers and crew who perished at this crash site. Above the trees is an American bald eagle flying towards sinister to show that the passengers turned the flight of the airliner and bravely changed the outcome of the conspirators' intent.


The cornstalk and olive branch are taken from the Pennsylvania state seal, and the keystone frame further identifies the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The image shows the USS United States, the first ship of the United States Navy, built and launched in Philadelphia, PA in 1797, symbolizing our proud naval heritage and long standing ties with Pennsylvania.


The Navy and Marine Corps officer swords and the Navy cutlass and Marine Corps noncommissioned officer sword represent the officers, crew and embarked Marines of the USS Somerset.

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