USS Champion (MCM 4)
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Coat of Arms



On a shield Argent, a chevron Gules cotised Azure, in base a pine tree on a mound Proper; on a chief wavy Azure (Dark Blue) a firebomb and a water-bouget in fess Or.


On a wreath of the colors (Argent and Azure) an upraised gauntlet Proper grasping a dagger Argent, grip Gules, pommel and guard Or, charged on the guard with three mullets Azure, all within a wreath of laurel Proper.


A scroll Argent garnished Or and inscribed "WE ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE" of the second.


The coat of arms in full color as in the blazon all upon a white background and enclosed with a dark blue oval, the border edged on the outside with 77 knots of gold rope, representing the original crew members and bearing the name "USS CHAMPION" at top and "MCM 4" in base in gold.



Dark blue and white are emblematic of the US Navy and the integrity and resolve of the three previous ships named "Champion." The pine tree reflects the Continental Navy service of the first Champion during the Revolutionary War and the resistance of the 13 colonies against England. The pine tree appeared during that time as a symbol on early American flags. The bouget, or water-carrier, refers to the transport service of the second Champion patrolling the Mississippi, Tennessee and Red Rivers between 1863 and 1865. The third Champion participated in World War II in the Pacific and is commemorated by the fire-bomb, referring to a kamikaze attack that damaged her. The components of the chevron represent each of these historic early Champions and, together, symbolize the act of raising or retrieving floating weapons or munitions, the mission of the new ship as a mine sweeper. Red, white and blue also recall the markings of the British flag of the Revolutionary War period and the flag of the emerging American Union.


The upraised gauntlet grasping the dagger epitomizes the ideals and capabilities of the USS Champion. The wreath of laurel, a traditional emblem of achievement and honor, together with the gauntlet and dagger, capture the spirit of the ship's designation and commemorate the previous ships' proud heritage and service. The stars indicate the battle honors of the three previous Champions.

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