USS Cowpens (CG 63)
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Coat of Arms



Per fess enhanced wavy Gules and Or, in chief a barrulet wavy Argent, overall a pile reversed raguly Azure charged with a circle of twelve mullets of the third superimposed by a Navy sword palewise Proper.


Issuing from a wreath of the colors (Or and Gules) four rays Azure, Or, Gules and Vert between the first eagle and stripes flag and a Maryland Regimental flag pilewise all superimposed by a Revolutionary War era drum supported by four musket barrels two on either side Proper.


On a scroll Azure doubled Or the words "VICTORIA LIBERTATIS VINDEX" in letters of the second.


The coat of arms emblazoned upon a white oval enclosed by a blue collar on the outside with gold rope and inscribed with the words "USS COWPENS" above and "CG 64" below in gold letters.



Dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy. Red denotes valor and sacrifice; white represents high ideals. The wavy bars refer to the sea and the USS Cowpens' area of operations. The previous USS Cowpens' (CV-25) service in World War II is honored by the circle of twelve stars, representing battle stars. The Navy sword symbolizes a heritage of service, as well as the vertical launch capabilities of CG 63. The Battle of Cowpens, South Carolina, in 1781 was one of the most brilliant American victories of the Revolution. Brigadier General Morgan drew up his forces in three lines (alluded to by the three bars) on a terrain of felled trees and rough fences (denoted by the jagged raguly edge of the wedge shape). Morgan's unexpected rally and attack turned the battle into a decisive victory. The wedge or pile symbolizes the spearhead of that attack, as well as suggesting the vertical launch capabilities of an Aegis cruiser and its weapons systems.


The muskets with bayonets emphasize that the Battle of Cowpens was won by the close combat of sustained fire and bayonet attack. The drum is from the Revolutionary War period and suggests the call to arms. The first eagle and stripes flag and the Maryland Regimental flag were displayed on the battlefield. The previous USS Cowpens, (CV-25), earned the Navy Unit Commendation for World War II service, represented by the colors blue, gold, red and green. The rays or spikes shooting skyward characterize combat air support and quick strike capabilities of CV 25 and the new Aegis weapons system of CG 63.

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