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Distinctive Unit Insignia

A gold color metal and enamel device 1 1/8 inches (2.86 cm) in height overall consisting of a maroon Greek cross above a gold demi-sun with alternate wavy and straight rays, all in front of a pair of white wings, tips inverted; terminating at the horizontal arms of the cross in front of the wings and looped over the sun in base, a curved maroon scroll inscribed "FOR HEALTH" on the left and "AND STRENGTH" on the right in gold letters.

Maroon and white are colors used for the Army Medical Department. The wings allude to the Hospital's origin area of its relocation in Santa Monica. Together with the Greek cross, an emblem of medical assistance, the wings also connote mercy and speed in providing necessary treatment and preparation of patients for evacuation. The demi-sun suggested by the crest of the California Army National Guard indicates the allocation of the Hospital; additionally the rays signify renewed vital energy and strength.

The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 31 August 1971.

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