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Within a yellow colored scalloped ring, a white bordered black designation band with the inscriptions "UNITED STATES ARMY" arced above and "FORCE MANAGEMENT SUPPORT AGENCY" arched below in white letters, separated by two white stars. The inner disk has a narrow yellow border. The disk is divided diagonally from upper right to lower left by a white quill within a narrow yellow border. Above the quill on a blue background is a white pole star and to its left an American Bald Eagle heading to the right, wings displayed with one wing over the quill and below the pole star clutching a rolled document in its claws with the word "PRIDIANUM" written on it. Below the quill is a red background with five white vertical stripes, over which is a bowed blue ribbon scroll with swallow tail ends and the motto "DOCUMENTING THE FORCE" in white letters.

The seal has the National colors, red, white, and blue and the Army colors, black and gold. Red signifies the heart of the Agency's efforts, valiance, courage, hardiness, liberty, passion, patriotism, sentiment, strength, valor, warmth, and zeal. White represents the five virtues of humility, beauty, purity, clarity, and innocence, and symbolizes the requirement for accuracy and quality in the Agency's work. Blue reflects renown and beauty, constancy, devotion, justice, loyalty, sincerity, clear thinking, and truth. Black and gold is representative of the Army's traditions and honors. The quill is a symbol for writing and record keeping. The pole star alludes to directives and directions. The American Bald Eagle is our National symbol and holds in its talons the organization's documents. Pridianum is an annual report giving the quantitative numbers of an organization. The five vertical stripes stand for Force Documentation, Force Management, Support and Analysis and Force Documentation Products, which are accurate, credible, compliant, doctrinally sound and indicative of force readiness.

The seal was approved on 16 August 2011.

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