USS Coronado (LCS 4)
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Coat of Arms



Or, on either side and between the tines of a steel demi-trident issuant from base Proper an arc of four mullets Azure, in base two lightning bolts issuing from the trident shank Gules; on a chief of the second, the crown from the Coronado City Seal of the first.


On a wreath Or and Azure on the waves of the sea a representation of the new Coronado, prow to front with the National Flag displayed all Proper.


On a scroll Azure, doubled and inscribed "CROWN OF THE FLEET" Or.


A United States Navy CPO cutlass and United States Navy Officer's sword points down saltirewise Proper.


The arms as blazoned in full color upon a White oval enclosed by a Dark Blue collar edged on the outside with a Gold chain and bearing the name "USS CORONADO" at the top and "LCS 4" in base, all in Gold letters.



Dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally used by the U.S. Navy. Gold is also emblematic of excellence and honor. The alternating blue and gold rope represents the original Blue and Gold crews of the ship and their rotational/alternating responsibilities on the ship. The gold crown is adapted from the Coronado City Seal, namesake of the ship. The trident is a symbol of sea prowess; its three tines represent the mission support platforms of the Littoral Combat Ship: Mine Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare and Surface Warfare. The lightning bolts highlight the ship's high speed capability and state of the art electronics, establishing it as the Navy's premier agile and stealthy surface combatant warship. The stars commemorate the four ships that have borne the name Coronado as well as the four battle stars earned by the original USS Coronado (PF-38) in the Pacific Campaign of World War II.


USS CORONADO is a ship with a unique trimaran shaped hull which is designed to defeat littoral threats and provide access and dominance in coastal waters.


The crossed sword and cutlass symbolize the teamwork and cooperation demonstrated by the war team of USS CORONADO.

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