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Coat of Arms



Chequy Celeste and Argent, on a bend Azure (Dark Blue), a representation of a galaxy bearing a satellite Proper, within a bordure diminutive of the second.


From a wreath Argent and Celeste, two arms embowed dexter and sinister, dexter sheathed in armor, sinister of the second, both clutching a lightning bolt Gules.


A scroll Azure inscribed "FATHER OF ELECTRONIC WARFARE" Argent.


Two lightning bolts, saltirewise, Gules; on either side of the shield a cobra serpent coiled erect Vert, marked Buff, detailed Sable, eyed and armed Gules


The coat of arms as blazoned upon a white oval enclosed by a blue border edged on the outside with gold rope and inscribed "USNS HOWARD O. LORENZEN" above and "T-AGM 25" below all in gold.



The blue and white checkerboard suggests countermeasures used in electronic warfare, symbolizing Howard O. Lorenzen's accomplishments in this field while employed as an electrical engineer at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). The shape of the shield is borrowed from the NRL seal and underscores his 33 years with the agency. The satellite is a representation of the GRAB I, the first in an electronic intelligence satellite program that Lorenzen led shortly after the U-2 incident of 1960. The white border is emblematic of honor and alludes to Mr. Lorenzen's dedication and character as an appointed superintendent of space systems for NRL.


The embowed arms represent the military and civilian mariners and technicians from various government agencies who operate the ship and conduct missions. It is a joint effort by all to improve missile efficiency and accuracy, and this is represented by both the armored and plain-clothed arms clutching a lightning bolt. Both arms are clothed in blue which denotes the determination of the crew. The lightning bolt represents the overall mission and is colored red to symbolize warfare.


The red lightning bolts represent quick response and state of the art technology. The cobras symbolize the COBRA Judy Replacement radar system. Armed and eyed red, the cobras are also symbols of warfare.

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