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Distinctive Unit Insignia

A silver color metal and enamel device 1 3/16 inches (3.02 cm) in width overall consisting of a silver broad arrow with a yellow demi-fleur-de-lis at its apex in front of a vertical silver barbed spear between two green palm branches and in base two spears crossed saltirewise with black shafts and silver spearheads on a blue background all above a red scroll, the ends curving inwards and terminating at the lower rends of the palm branches inscribed "VIGILANT GUARDIANS" in silver letters.

Scarlet and yellow are the colors for Artillery. The palm branches and the barbed spear adapted from the spear held by Kamehameha I on the seal of Hawaii, refer to service in Hawaii and the Central Pacific during World War II. The arrowhead with the fleur-de-lis alludes to the unit's participation in the Normandy Invasion and European campaigns during that period. The color blue alludes to the sky and the spears symbolize the unerring accuracy of the missile capability and the basic mission of Air Defense.

The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 15 August 1973.

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