USCGC Eagle (WIX 327)
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Coat of Arms



Per bend enhanced Azure and Gules a bendlet Argent, an eagle with wings addorsed and inverted Or, a bordure diminished of the like.


From a wreath Argent and Azure a demi-compass rose Or garnished Gules surmounted by the silhouette of the USCGC EAGLE Sable.


Three scrolls, one on either side and one below the shield Azure doubled and inscribed "TRADITION SEAMANSHIP CHARACTER" Argent, all above a reef knot Proper.


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white disc enclosed by a dark blue border edged on the outside with a gold rope and inscribed "USCGC EAGLE" above and "WIX 327" below in gold.



Dark blue, red and white are traditionally used by the Coast Guard; gold is emblematic of honor and high achievement. The eagle represents the cutter's namesake. EAGLE, the largest Tall Ship flying the Stars and Stripes and the only square rigger in U.S. Government service, bears the name in a proud line dating back to 1792. The border alludes to unity and teamwork.


The compass rose represents navigational skills and seaworthiness. It has seven points showing above the horizon to symbolize the far reaching scope and mission of the seven ships to bear the name EAGLE. The silhouette of the barque underscores the EAGLE's role as a seagoing classrooom for the future officers of the United States Coast Guard. The experience helps them develop skills of leadership, seamanship and teamwork.

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