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Azure, in honor point a mullet charged with a torteau and encircled by an annulet flamant Argent, voided of the field between two wings displayed fesswise Or, trailing three White tails arcing to sinister chief, all environed by five Silver Gray mullets configured in the constellation of the Southern Cross, all within a diminished bordure of the third.

Attached below the shield, a White scroll edged with a narrow Yellow border and inscribed "605TH AIR OPERATIONS GROUP" in Blue letters.


Ultramarine blue and Air Force yellow are the Air Force colors. Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations. Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel. The wings represent the airmen's theater perspective. The Air Force star insignia on a comet with three tails represent aircraft markings of the unit, streaking across the sky, and also recent applications of space power and information superiority. The small stars suggest the constellation Southern Cross and the unit's combat prowess during the World War II campaign in the South Pacific Islands.

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