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On a disc Azure, an arrow tricorporate issuing from sinister base arching bendwise Gules, surmounted by an open parchment bendwise-sinister Or, garnished with type lines and detailed Sable, overall two hands clasped in a handshake reverse chevronwise throughout Buff, garnished Black the sinister habited of the last, the dexter in Celeste, all within a diminished bordure of the third.

Attached below the disc, a Blue scroll edged with a narrow Yellow border and inscribed "347TH CONTRACTING SQUADRON" in Yellow letters.


Ultramarine blue and Air Force yellow are the Air Force colors. Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations. Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel. The arms with grasping hands symbolize the Squadron's efforts and resolve to obtain the best value between the Department of Defense and its commercial customers. The parchment reflects the contractual document negotiated by the unit on behalf of its host wing and assigned units. The conjoined flight symbols denote the unity of the wing and its assigned units to defend.

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