USS Taylor (FFG 50)
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Azure, a chevron rompu argent between in chief two mullets or and in base a sea lion erect gules bearing a trident of the third.


On a wreath of the colors, argent and azure, in front of a pair of wings displayed azure with at base a lightning flash gules, two naval swords, an officer's and an enlisted man's crossed proper, points down, and between their hilts a cross pattee convex or.


On a scroll azure doubled argent the words "PROUD DEFENDER" in letters argent.



The blue shield represents the Navy. The chevron is a reference to Commander Taylor's naval career, comprised of three periods of service - - World War II service, his training and service in peacetime, and his final duties in the Vietnam combat zone.

The two gold stars allude to the Air Medal awarded twice to the Commander and to two earlier ships which bore the name TAYLOR. The sea lion refers to his courage and dedication to duty and is holding a gold trident in reference to his zeal in upholding the honor and traditions of the Navy and the nation.

The use of scarlet, blue and gold on the shield refers to the Navy Presidential Unit Citation awarded the carrier USS HORNET at the time Commander Taylor saw action from its decks as a member of the crew of Bombing Squadron Eleven.


The wings represent Commander Taylor's service as a naval aviator. The scarlet lightning flash refers to his training as a Radioman and his service with the Fleet All Weather Training Unit and also refers to his attacks on enemy gun sites during the rescue attempt which cost him his life. The gold cross represents the Navy Cross awarded him posthumously for his heroism. The crossed swords represent Commander Taylor and the downed pilot he attempted to save, both lost while in combat with the enemy.


The coat of arms emblazoned upon a white oval enclosed within a blue collar edged on the outer side with gold rope and inscribed with the words "USS TAYLOR" at the top and "FFG 50" in base in gold letters.

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