USCG Joint Maritime Training Center
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On a Purple disc enclosed within a Red annulet four escutcheons grouped one-two-one surmounting a Naval officer's sword and a Marine Corps mameluke points up saltirewise in proper colors; the top escutcheon White bearing a Steel Gray anchor palewise fouled in proper colors, within an orle Blue; below it to dexter side a Red escutcheon charged with a representation in Gold of the U.S. Marine Corps eagle, globe and anchor insignia; to sinister side an escutcheon White with the Blue and Red bars of the Coast Guard, surmounted by a Gold demi-trident; in base on an escutcheon White with a Red orle a stylized compass rose Blue and Light Blue, the compass star derived from NATO insignia. The whole device within a Light Blue designation scroll edged on the outside with Silver Gray rope and inscribed "JOINT MARITIME TRAINING CENTER" at top and the motto "UNUS HUMUS UNUS PUGNA" translates in English ("ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT") in base in Dark Blue letters.


Dark Blue and Scarlet represent the U.S. Coast Guard, the sword and mameluke represent

respectively the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps. The top three escutcheons in

sequence symbolize the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. The fourth shield below

refers to the various client organizations which come to Camp Lejeune for bilateral and

NATO- sponsored exercises. The enclosing annulet signifies unity and cooperation, Scarlet

denotes courage and sacrifice, Purple represents coordination of organization elements.

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