USCG Deployable Operations Group
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On a white oblong field radiused top and bottom and grid-lined ultramarine blue a gold demi-trident supporting below its tines a representation of the U.S. Coast Guard shield in proper colors and edged gold and surmounting the shaft of the demi-trident in base a gold compass rose, all within an encircling dark blue designation band edged on the outside with a gold chain garnished with six dark blue bullets, two, two and two and edged on the inside with a tripartite border, light blue at top, mid blue and green at bottom and to each side, the band inscribed in gold letters "UNITED STATES" at top and "DEPLOYABLE OPERATIONS GROUP" below between two gold mullets.

The three mission priorities of the Group, law enforcement, port security and environment protection are represented by the three tines of the demi-trident, symbol of maritime authority and expertise, and also by the inner tri-colored border. The compass rose denotes global capability and operative range, the grid-lined field signifies the world-wide scope of mission activities. The shield represents the U. S. Coast Guard. The six spaced blue bullets on the chain border represent the cooperating organizations and programs with which the Group functions in carrying out its mission. White denotes integrity, gold excellence.

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