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On a white flag bordered gold a device consisting of a terrestrial globe in proper colors fimbriated dark blue encircled by two elliptical trajectories of the same, each garnished with two white four-pointed stars, with the head of an American bald eagle overall between six silver-gray five-pointed stars, three on each side of the globe, with a silver mailed fist issuing from base grasping two scarlet lightning bolts crosswise and a silver ballistic missile fesswise, the whole device between two dark blue motto scrolls doubled gold inscribed "U.S. ARMY FORCES" at top and at base "STRATEGIC COMMAND" in gold letters.

The eagle, our national symbol, denotes freedom and constant vigilance. The globe, as viewed from space, symbolizes the earth as being the origin and control point for all space vehicles and represents the command's span of operations. Encompassing the globe are orbital paths crossed diagonally, each bearing two polestars, detailed white, representing the command's satellite platforms and their worldwide coverage in accomplishing the intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, communications, early warning and navigation missions. The two sets of three silver stars represent the command's leadership, the fusion of Space Operations, Missile Defense and Research and Development into a command with a strategic global perspective, and suggest control of space as an enabling factor in total preparedness and military defense. The mailed fist and lightning bolts are adapted from the seal of the joint U.S. Strategic Command and highlight the unit's association with the command. The mailed fist is a symbol of strength, power and loyalty and represents the command's partnership with science and industry. The lightning bolts symbolize lethality and speed while the missile represents the command's responsibility for global missile defense and strategic defense planning.

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