USCGC Washington (WPB 1331)
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Azure, two Hawaiian style canoe paddles in saltire blades to chief Proper, surmounted by an anchor fouled with a chain all within a bordure wavy Or.


On a wreath of the colors Or and Azure, on a mount Vert, two Hawaiian spears in saltire handles and fringe Proper, spear points of the first, supporting a ceremonial helmet (Mah'ole) Tenne', crest garnished yellow.


A scroll Or edged and doubled Gules inscribed "KELAMOKU NO KA OI", Tenne.


On the dexter and sinister two Hawaiian Tiki gods (Kanola) respectant Proper and sustaining a scroll Or turned Gules and inscribed, as above.


The coat of arms as blazoned upon a white disc enclosed by a dark blue border edged on the outside with a gold rope inscribed "USCG WASHINGTON" above and "WPB 1331" below in gold.



Blue is a traditional color associated with the Coast Guard, representing the sea. The shape of the shield is reminiscent of a cross-section of a double hulled canoe and signifies the patrolling of the islands.The stylized heraldic wavy bordure represents the vastness of the ocean they patrol. The anchor with cable represents Marine Environmental Protection missions. The traditional Hawaiian canoe paddles were often handed down generations and prized as a family heirloom and here represent the importance of Search and Rescue Missions the Cutter performs.


The crossed Polynesian spears represent the enforcement of Laws and Treaties, and are positioned in front of a grassy mount that portrays the namesake island in Wisconsin, the esteemed feather helmet (Mahi'ole) upholds the traditions of the native Hawaiians and here corresponds to excellence and supports the motto: "KELAMOKU NO KA OI" (the very best soldier).


The Tike is a traditional symbol of the South Pacific. Kanaloa in particular is known as the Ocean God and here represents respect and understanding of the forces of nature along with the ability to navigate by the stars, and holds the edges of the scroll to symbolize search and rescue.

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