USCG Legacy Sustainment Support Unit
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On a white disc edged with a gold chain, upon the scarlet and blue distinguishing bars of the Coast Guard bendwise, a gray cog-wheel surmounted by a gold four-blade propeller, superimposed in turn by a black drafting divider, its tips enclosing the crossed anchors and shield device of the Service in Proper colors; encircling the device a dark blue designation scroll edged on the outside with gold rope and inscribed at top "LEGACY SUSTAINMENT" and in base "SUPPORT UNIT" between two bullets, all gold.


The Coast Guard Service, its traditions, goals and ideals are represented by the scarlet and blue bands used to identify Coast Guard vessels and the shield, used on the service emblem. The cog-wheel recalls association with Naval Engineering. The technical expertise of the organization is symbolized by the black divider, the propeller represents Coast Guard shipping and the support provided to it by Legacy Sustainment. The gold chain signifies cohesion and the strength of the many elements which contribute to the organization's effectiveness.

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