USCG Maritime Safety And Security Team
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On a dark blue disc a gold trident and two crossed naval swords points up superimposed by a green laurel wreath, all supporting a shield blazoned as follows: Argent, six pallets Gules, a chief Azure; a bordure of the first charged with thirteen plates. Around the sides and base and interlaced with the sword handles, a white tripartite scroll doubled scarlet and inscribed with "DETECT, INTERCEPT, INTERDICT" in dark blue letters, all within a white designation band edged in gold encircled by a gold rope and inscribed "USCG MARITIME SAFETY AND SECURITY TEAM" in black letters.


The U.S. Coast Guard shield represents the vision of the U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Safety and Security team to be recognized as the world's premier Maritime Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection unit. The shield's border alludes to armor and highlights the mission to defend and secure our ports and harbors. The number of rivets refers to the original thirteen colonies and our national heritage. The laurel wreath denotes high achievement and excellence. The trident and swords, symbolizing maritime power and law enforcement, underscore the organization's mission to detect and intercept criminal or catastrophic events well before they threaten our shores. The intersecting of these weapons represents the dedicated teamwork to interdict and neutralize potential threats, both domestic and foreign. The black letters on the white band signify night and day, around the clock vigilance throughout the National Maritime Transportation System. Dark blue, white and red are associated with the U.S. Coast Guard and gold is emblematic of honor.

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