Commander, Atlantic Area
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Quarterly Azure and Celeste, a chevron Argent interlaced by a demi-trident issuing from base Or, an orle of rope of the last.


From a wreath Argent and Azure a terrestrial globe Proper bearing a compass rose Gules.


A scroll Argent edged Celeste at top and Azure at bottom inscribed "UNITED STATES COAST GUARD" Gules.


A Naval sword and oar hilt and blade up saltirewise Proper and on the dexter side of the shield a branch of oak and on the sinister side of the shield a branch a pine Proper.


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color on a white disk enclosed by a dark blue border edged gold and inscribed "COMMANDER" above and "ATLANTIC AREA" below in white.



The four sections of the shield highlight the following major roles of the Command: Maritime safety, marine environment, national maritime defense and maritime law enforcement.The two blues depict coastal and deep waters.The trident, symbolizing sea power, denotes authority while the chevron underscores the support functions and contingency planning.The gold rope alludes to unity and safety. Gold is emblematic of excellence and high achievement.


The globe highlights the Atlantic region, the primary area of responsibility of the command.The compass rose symbolizes navigational systems and worldwide deployment.Red is the color of valor and zeal.


Light blue, white and dark blue represent coastal inland and ocean waters.


The crossed sword and oar portray strength and cooperation and symbolize naval readiness and humanitarian responsibilities.The oak branch suggests strength and the evergreen pine is for life; both reflect the environmental concerns of the command.

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