USNS Guadalupe (T-AO 200)
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Coat of Arms



Or, a bend wavy Azure between two goutté-de-poix.


From a wreath Or and Azure an isosceles triangle per pale Azure and Or bearing three mullets counterchanged and superimposed in base by two palm branches saltirewise Proper wrapped and tied Gules.


A United States Navy sword and cutlass, points down saltirewise Proper.


A scroll Or garnished and doubled Azure inscribed "ALWAYS HONORED TO SERVE ALONGSIDE" Gules.


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color upon a white background enclosed with a dark blue oval border edged with a gold rope and inscribed "USNS GUADALUPE " at top and "T-AO 200" below in gold.



Dark blue and gold are colors traditionally associated with the Navy. Gold is indicative of honor, excellence and achievement. Dark blue stands for loyalty and reflects the sea and the theater of naval operations. Black denotes solidity. The goutté-de-poix alludes to the two previous ships of the same name and implies their mission as oilers. The wavy bend is symbolic of the Guadalupe River located deep in the heart of Texas from which the ship takes its name.


Red denotes combat,valor and zeal. The triangle portrays strong support and is divided in half to suggest both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters of operation served by the USNS Guadalupe. The three stars commemorate the three wars (World War ll, Korea and Vietnam) in which the Guadalupe participated. The palm branches signify honor and victory and are typical of the area of operations.


The sword and cutlass are adapted from the Naval Surface Warfare Badges and imply strength, cooperation and teamwork.

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