USS Brunswick (ATS 3)
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Coat of Arms



Azure, a horse courant Argent between and surmounting two rope cables palewise Or, in base a point-in-point of the last billetty Gules.


On a wreath of the colors Or and Azure, a garland composed of two white-pine tassels vert with two cones of the first between two branches of live oak of the last partially encircling a sun with alternate pointed and flashed rays of the like charged with an annulet Gules.


On a blue scroll the inscription "IN RECTO DECUS" (Honor in Acting Right) in Gold letters.



The colors blue and gold (yellow) are traditional for the Navy.The horse, an emblem of strength and endurance, is well adapted for laborious tasks in peace and battle, and in classic mythology the sea god Neptune created the horse. The running white horse alludes to the House of Hanover and appears on the coats of arms of then resigning monarchs of England who initially also held the title of Elector of Brunswick-Luneberg; the name Brunswick was used for commendatory reasons, as being associated with the kings, for the towns of Brunswick, Georgia, and Brunswick, Maine, and thus refers to the ship's name. Additionally, the second BRUNSWICK (ATS-3) was built in England. The base point is also suggested by the above coats of arms, and the curved sides allude to waves. The rectangles denote undersea obstacles for the salvage mission of the ship, and the rope cables indicate the towing and repair missions.

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