USNS Big Horn (T-AO 198)
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Coat of Arms



Azure, two lightning flashes saltirewise Or and a trident palewise Argent, overall a fess wavy Celeste, fimbriated of the third.


On a wreath of the colors Or and Azure, the head of a big horn sheep erased affronté Proper.


A bipartite scroll Argent, doubled Celeste, edged and inscribed "RIVER BORN OCEAN BOUND" Azure.


The coat of arms emblazoned in full color upon a white oval enclosed by a blue collar edged on the outside with gold rope and inscribed with the words "USNS BIG HORN" above and "T-AO 198" below in gold letters.



Gold and Azure represent the U.S. Navy. The lightning flashes denote speed and responsiveness in carrying out the mission of transportation of materiel and refer to the other services and forces served through this mission. The trident further represents Navy strength and resolve. The wavy fess recalls the river which is the namesake of the new ship, and refers also to the worldwide scope of Navy operations. Gold stands for excellence, white (argent) for integrity.


The head of the big horn sheep identifies the new ship. It recalls the first transport vessel to bear the name Big Horn and stands for strength and responsiveness.

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