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On a disc as a Yin-Yang symbol tierced in pairle Argent, Azure, and Gules, a bend nebuly Or, overall a cross of the third fimbriated of the first; all within a narrow Gray border.

Attached above the disc, a Blue scroll edged with a narrow Gray border and inscribed "NUNQUAM VACUUS NOS" in Gray letters.

Attached below the disc, a Blue scroll edged with a narrow Gray border and inscribed "51ST MEDICAL SUPPORT SQ" in Gray letters.


Ultramarine blue and Air Force yellow are the Air Force colors. Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations. Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel. The background as a Yin-Yang symbol composed of three semi-circular teardrops represents the balance and interaction of opposing forces interconnected and independent of one another in perpetual motion. These forces in people and nature influence behavior and fate and cannot exist without one another. The diagonal nebuly bend symbolizes constancy, values, honor, and justice. The merlons are nebuly, representing clouds as a tribute to the first battle space the USAF came to dominate with the split field highlighting the dual health care mission while at home and deployed. The bend is embattled counter-embattled demonstrating the capability to engage targets while emphasizing world class medical services. The embattled counter-embattled bend further serves as a tie to the 51st Medical Group and 51st Fighter Wing and the unit's chain of command, which has a nebuly embattled base. The red cross is the universally acknowledged medical care symbol. Its placement in the center over all other elements signifies the duty and law bound commitment to care for friend and foe alike on the battlefield as well as depicting the mission of the unit. The Latin motto, "NUNQUAM VACUUS NOS" translates, in English, to "Never Without Us."

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