USS Arctic (AOE 8)
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Coat of Arms



Azure (Dark Blue), issuing from sinister base an iceberg supporting a polar bear Proper, in chief a polestar Or and in base a point wavy of the first.


From a wreath Or and Azure a stylized Bowen knot Or entwined by two palm fronds Proper.


A scroll Azure garnished Or inscribed "ALWAYS READY" in Gold.


The coat of arms emblazoned upon a white oval enclosed by a blue collar edged on the outside with gold rope and inscribed with the words "USS ARCTIC" above and "AOE 8" below in gold



Dark blue and gold are the colors traditionally associated with the Navy. Gold is emblematic of honor and blue reflects the sea and the USS ARCTIC's theater of operation;white is for integrity. The polestar symbolizes navigation, leadership and the far reaching scope and mission of the past and present USS ARCTICS. The polar bear alludes to the Arctic; the word Arctic is derived from the Greek for bear,"ARKTOS".


The Bowen knot honors the previous four United States Navy ships which have
borne the name ARCTIC. The palm fronds represent victory and denote service in the Pacific during WW ll.

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