USS Tempest ( PC 2)
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Coat of Arms



Quarterly, per pale and per fess wavy Or and Azure, two piles reversed issuant from base in point counterchanged.


Issuing from a wreath of the colors (Or and Azure) two medieval maces saltirewise superimposed by a phoenix proper.


A tripartite scroll Or, doubled, garnished and inscribed "PERSEVERANCE AND COURAGE" Azure.


A U.S. Navy sword and a trident saltirewise Proper.


The coat of arms as blazoned in full color upon a white disc edged with a gold rope inscribed "USS TEMPEST" above and "PC 2" below in blue.



Gold and blue represents the U.S. Navy. The wavy fess refers to the sea and alludes to the turbulence of a tempest. The mission of coastal patrol is referred to by the piles, suggesting searchlights and radar surveillance. The gold and blue division of the shield refers also to day and night capabilities.


The maces stand for forceful authority and refer to the two ships, past and present, to carry the name Tempest. The phoenix represents the rebirth of the ship USS TEMPEST.


The trident, adapted from the Naval Special Warfare insignia, is crossed with a Navy sword and refers to the ship's mission of providing support for the Special Warfare Forces.

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