USS Black Hawk (MHC 58)
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Coat of Arms



Azure, in chief two horned contact mines and in base a stylized paddle wheel Argent.


On a wreath of the colors (Argent and Azure) rising from waves of the sea Proper a stylized hawk Sable burnished Gray bearing a mullet Or.


A scroll Azure doubled Or inscribed, "FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD" in Gold letters.


The coat of arms as blazoned upon a white field enclosed by a dark blue oblong border arced at top and bottom, the outer edged formed by gold rope and inscribed at the top "USS BLACK HAWK" and in base "MHC 58" all in gold.



Dark blue and gold are colors traditionally used by the Navy and reflect the sea and excellence. Black is indicative of strength and stability. Blue denotes loyalty and devotion. White is emblematic of integrity and is symbolic of sea foam and breakers. The two mines recall the two previous ships of the same name and underscore the BLACK HAWK's mine hunting capabilities. The stylized paddle wheel is reminiscent of the first BLACK HAWK (a side-wheel river streamer which served as flag ship for Rear Admirals D.D. Porter and S.P. Lee, successive commanders of the Mississippi Squadron). The paddle wheel further simulates a maritime compass suggesting leadership, guidance and alludes to navigation and the far reaching scope and mission of the past and present USS BLACK HAWKs. The annulets incorporated in the paddle wheel suggest continuous efforts. The paddle wheel, together with the two mines, symbolize the three ships bearing the name BLACK HAWK.


The waves of the sea denote the coastal waters, harbors and waterways and the Navy theater of operations. The stylized black hawk reflects the continuous aggressiveness of the BLACK HAWK and its crew in carrying out their mission of minehunting, fueling and repairing and keeping combatant vessels in fighting trim. The name BLACK HAWK was derived from the Indian chief Blackhawk mentioned in history as the leader of the Sac and Fox tribes during the Blackhawk War. The star on the hawk?s wing is commemorate of the battle star received by the BLACK HAWK for her service in World War ll.

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